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Quit Marijuana: Secrets to Quitting Marijuana Without Sleepless Nights or Withdrawals [9 Videos]

Quit Marijuana

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Ever curious about how dangerous marijuana really is? For some people smoking marijuana only one time can induce a psychotic break.

Marijuana addiction is becoming more and more common as availability and ease of access to this “soft” drug increases.

Many people cling to the high they get from pot and continually smoke to keep that high going as often as they can meanwhile they sink further and further into addiction until it does not become an enjoyable experience but an absolute need.

Marijuana addiction is not a physical or chemical addiction but a psychological one which is where using emotional techniques to quit marijuana can help people overcome this problem.

Addiction can be defined as the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences.

Some addicts are good at hiding the extent of their dependence, but there is usually at least some evidence that something is not right. Family and friends are most often the ones who first become aware of the addiction. The most common reaction is for the addict to then become defensive when these concerns are mentioned.

It is often said that the first step to correcting a problem is to first admit that you have one but they are in denial about the problem. As the downward spiral continues the evidence of the addiction becomes increasingly obvious until even the addict is unable to deny it. The symptoms of addiction is psychological and physical in nature.

Below are 9 resourceful Videos by Seb Grant, that will help you start the process of quitting marijuana without sleepless nights or withdrawals. Also, you will learn more about Seb Grant’s premium resource on how to quit marijuana called Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide

One of the biggest challenges anyone faces when stopping an addiction is the cravings you feel when discovering how to quit marijuana.

This will be a major factor in your plan to overcome cannabis addiction, so you can lead a healthy happy life and not feel the need to smoke pot all the time.

Quitting marijuana can be extremely difficult, but why would a seemingly harmless drug that has apparently few addictive properties be so difficult to give up?

The answer to this question lies not in the addictive nature of marijuana itself, but in the lifestyle of a person who smokes marijuana daily. This lifestyle of a marijuana smoker is extremely different to that of any other drug addict, for one main reason:

A marijuana addict can function at a normal level and lead a relatively normal life for a long time, while still addicted to the drug in a big way.

Thoughts are things, they can create or destroy and they can be used to change any behavior or feeling you have. Everything in your life right now began as a thought, just like your decision to quit marijuana.

Quit Marijuana: Barely Legal but Dangerous [Infographic]

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Premium Resource on How to Quit Marijuana

Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Seb Grant

Sebastian “Seb” Grant is a marijuana expert who helps people all over the world quit their addiction to weed. He wrote the eBook Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide, and maintains the blog Need To Quit Weed, where he actively answers questions from readers and maintains a forum for them.

Seb, himself, was a marijuana smoker for almost 13 years. He smoked socially at times, but alone more often. He noticed that during these years, his life went nowhere, he had no achievements and nothing special really happened to him. Eventually, he decided to admit that something is wrong with him and decided to quit.

Since Seb badly wanted to quit weed, he did some research on his own, then tested out methods on himself. Finally, he found a way to quit marijuana easily. He realized that quitting weed is a process that can be taught to anyone who wants to learn.

There are countless reasons why a person should quit smoking marijuana. Marijuana causes people to feel sluggish, unmotivated, and often even lazy.

People refer to this as feeling ''burned out'' and it is a syndrome that is all too well-known among pot smokers. The feeling of not having any motivation at random times is enough reason for many smokers to stop.

For some people marijuana can be very addictive and destructive their lives. It is estimated that somewhere between 5 and 10% marijuana smokers will become dependent on the drug.

Smoking weed just isn’t what it used to be, in the beginning it was great wasn’t it? Getting stoned with friends in the summer, relaxing and just having fun.

But what starts out as a fun habit can soon turn into an addiction and bad habit we wish we had never started.

Learn more from Seb on how to quit weed without withdrawals or sleepless nights, plus find out about an effective natural marijuana detox you can start at home right now  

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  1. Thank you awesome insight. I was on the 5 years marijuana maintenance program when I quit alcohol, then I moved , lost my pot connection, but then found a new drinking buddy and a new pot connections. Needless to say I just was not ‘HAPPY” until I got sober. Now I’m celebrating 17 years sober. “I Love my Life”.

  2. I hate drugs. I hate that movies and media is glamorizing this crap. That’s why society is suffering from mental disorders. I hate drugs. Don’t be weak.